Comune di Garbagnate Comune di Garbagnate Milanese GFG Gruppo Fotografico Garbagnatese
Photography contest "Città di Garbagnate"
   XXXVII ediz. - FIAF n. 2019D2 - FIAP 2019/433


New platform and new procedure

is year we have adopted a new platform to register for our competition, here is some important news:

  • The platform includes the author's registration with the possibility of uploading the photos later and completing the registration with the payment.
  • It is necessary to upload the files (maximum 2000x2000 px - 2MB) also of the works that are submitted "as print". This request is aimed to send the same file (if allowed / selected) to FIAF, as required by the regulation.
  • The file size of the digital section has been increased (max 2500x2500 px - 3MB).
  • It is possible to pay by credit card without having a PayPal account, thanks to the use of the modern "Stripe" platform.

In case of difficulty in using the platform, do not hesitate to contact us.

The platform can be reached at the following address: